Considering dropping out in the US and starting over in France. (long)

God, reading this whole thing makes me even more grateful I study in Europe. The university system in the US just seems like such a joke, I dodged a bullet!

Could you take time out from school to work and save up the amount you need to finish the remaining few credits at an out of state school (Not necessarily Oregon)? What about French in Canada? Or schools in France that will teach French for qualifying US credit to bump up the credits you need to graduate?

Does 4 semesters in mean you have 3 years to go? Depending on how far into the course you are dropping out would mean wasting the time and money you have spent so far. Also to me $220 per credit for 3 credits doesn't sound bad even by European standards :s?? Surely borrowing the money or saving up for that is considerably cheaper than the thousands needed to move to Paris and to postpone graduating and starting work until you’re 30.

I don’t want to be a mood kill but people talk about crippling US student debt and a utopian European education system (it is better, don’t get me wrong ;) )….but…. there is a good reason that MOST (not all) American students in Europe come from financially supportive families or generous scholarships. It is not cheap whatever way you cut it, I’m not saying it can’t be done, that would be ridiculous – plenty do it! It won’t be easier than finishing where you are though – don’t lose sight of that. University in Europe isn’t always as cheap for non EU students before factoring in flights, visas etc. Also when you check tuition prices make sure they aren’t different for non-EU students. This used to be the case in some EU countries i.e in the UK it used to be £3000 (now £9000) for UK students and around £15000 for internationals per year. Although I think its now EU and Non EU student prices. This girl self funded studying in Paris and gives some good info, although I don’t believe she talks about tuition costs just living. She also reiterates something I have heard from other US students that student visas possibly wouldn’t allow you to work while there (I’m no expert on this but I’ve heard it from a few people).

Everyone should live in Paris once. If you are dreaming of it, you absolutely must do it. Just decide if as a quality of life choice it might be better done after graduation? Have you been to Paris or France before? Can you be sure you'll like it enough to stay for several years to finish school?

Sorry for such a lengthy reply! I've dealt with many of the same dilemmas, it worked for me to overcome the issues to just finish up my current studies and go to Paris as a graduate. At 25 I was uncomfortable waiting any longer to get my bachelors – I’ve noticed in the US the trend of studying and living like a student later into your 20’s is more prominent than it is in Europe – likely because peoples first degree tends to be in the subject they actually wanted rather than the slightly peculiar US system. Everyone’s situation is different though. I hope you find what works for you and I really really hope you make it to Paris one day!

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