Do Parisian men pay for the dates?

I’m looking for someone who can and wants to love unconditionally because I know I will in return.

Here’s a current story:

My good friend is dating a french guy (doesn’t really matter that he’s french but this is more so about the mentality) for 3 years and has lived with him for 1 year, giving up her career in the US to be with him. She spent 6 months looking for a job and pulled out of her savings to split bills and pay half of the rent when her boyfriend owns the flat and makes a lot as an engineer.

Even as a girl, I wouldn’t let my committed male partner dig into their last bit of savings to pay for meals. And if I knew paying for rent was a struggle for them, I would pay for the whole thing bc I would never get a place where I wouldn’t be able to pay full if I had to (and vice versa).

From this story, I wouldn’t feel like the person cared to take care of me in my personal struggles. Not that I am dependent on that but I would want to feel like they want to, to take the pain from my life. That is what love should do and feel like.

I have paid bills for my good friends before without them asking because I knew they were struggling and when they weren’t struggling. I even pay bills for friends who are way wealthier than me. My friend moved into a new flashy apartment and I bought her a flatscreen.

I give because I love to give, and that is what I also want in a partner.

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