Cops and Covid-19

Keep down-voting me comments. I don't care, I have plenty of karma. And I'll keep down-voting yours. And I do fight any racist who lays a hand on me.

Even though this guy pushed me so hard to a point of me falling backwards on the floor and dropping my phone.

Okay? So consult with a lawyer and see what your legal options are. Why is this so hard to do? Lots of lawyers offer, what, like 30 minutes of a free consultation? And since this is a civil suit, you wouldn't even be paying the lawyer until you win your lawsuit?

Jesus Christ.

It's piece of shit like you who are worse than racists.

You sound triggered. Explain. Besides, my first reply to you was moreso directed for Asian men who don't fight back against racist attackers (ex. Japanese bartender and white expat) and sanction their own beatings.

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