Covid Logic?

I know everyone wants a hard and fast answer as to what is safe but the fact is that you are better protected if you wear a mask and you're even better protected if the people around you wear one. Does this mean it's a futile effort if 1 person in 100 doesn't wear a mask? No. What they are going for here is minimizing risk, and I disagree that a massive reduction in transmission is futile because it isn't 100%.

I also don't think it's reasonable to expect venue employees to abide by the (often wildly different) policies of every single event they host. On a practical level it just doesn't make sense. The wristbands may be dumb but MAGfest is trying to figure this out in real time like the rest of us are. If we want to keep having events and pursuing "normal" we should cut the organizers a little slack when missteps happen

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