Credit to @Thebigdeal3717 on Stocktwits - He typed the zoom call between Detroit Automotive Press Association and Lordstown Motors

13 once you get to the production vehicle and people start seeing the production vehicle being produced, that’s already past the investment stage and you’ve already missed that big jump. Once you get your vehicle into production, it’s easy for people to start jumping on the bandwagon. Getting to that point is a big milestone. It took a lot to get to production at Tesla, it took a lot to grow the production at Tesla as you can see how long it has taken the team at Tesla to grow that. With one product then, you can see what their valuation is worth today before they got the X and 3. I think there’s a great return on investment there, and this is part of the reason I joined the team. I’ve seen the product fits a segment that hasn’t been fit and I think it has an upside very similar to my experience back at Tesla. It’s got great growth opportunity for an investor, and that’s the reason I think they should look at it. 3 months from now when the trucks start coming off the line it makes it a very robust investment.

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