[RUSSIAN HHP] Diskoteka Avariya (Disco "Accident") - You Hesitated Me

Want to attract attention advanced layers!

Here forge hip-hop!

You're ...!

Hip-hop maniacs all night on the edge of the attack.

You're ...!

If the bully tries to bother you, to tease, to annoy, to destroy and to hurt,

You should not yell at him,"Bastard!"you don't have to plug in your shoes or Mat.

The jokes off to the side! This is where I want to help you, head up.

Just that the villain's gonna leave you alone, tell him: "Friend, you hesitated!"

You left your house early in the morning and came back when it was light outside the window again,

And your beloved father took off his belt and said,"All right, son, pray."

Do not swear that this was the last time, open your eyes and smile moron

Lay down on the couch, like very tired, and do everything I told you: "you're ...!"

You're ...!

You're ...!

Bay to defeat for the maintenance of the hip-hop movement!

You're ...! You're ...!

You're ...! You're ...!

You're a pretty girl. Yeah! And he's a sucker, he climbs the city, caresses women.

And you can't tell him,"Stop!"take it and consult me.

Because you! You're no dumber than me.? I'm no dumber than he is, and he knows.,

He knows how stupid you really are.

Let him know. But you, you listen to me, I know how to stop him from cheating.

If you're not going to shed tears from his eyes, casting his portraits in the toilet

Sit and listen to me, I don't want to hurt you, but if you're in love with a goat,

Don't make a scene, don't start a scandal, and quietly, peacefully - friend, you hesitated.

Shaken, stirred, sahleb, you hesitated, let me hear the Moldovans and the Baltic States,

Even if he's a big guy, tell me you're ... with me.

And these words are more popular day by day, just everyone is able to understand them.

If life had suddenly some garbage, say,"How you hesitated me."

The whole day around the city, from head to toe hesitated,

Unshaven, hungry, tired and angry, but very pleased with yourself you are going home.

I got on the second tram, and there you were run over by an elderly Bugai.

And you're suddenly a dirty tarpaulin boots on your Shoe found that lipok,

But understand that is no reason to get into a fight, although it is necessary to teach the dog.

Stab him in the hot eye and say, tell him in the face: "you hesitated."

Look,"Accident" gives you advice on what kind of scoundrel you should answer.,

I want you to be understood by the last asshole, of course, if he is not a foreigner.

Understand, because you're so healthy moose, you're very shibles.

And even if you're sick of the major, tell him,"Comrade major, you know, Yes."


Fight against all, fight against all, here you are against all, you are the one against all!

Give yourself to the rhythm of naked streets!

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