Daily Discussion, March 10, 2021

It was an insult. You're too hopped up to notice, which isn't a bad thing I guess. Your loss not mine. Anyways, you said "double digit pull back". You should've said "double digit pullbacks". But that's just the beginning. There was no double digit pull back for AMZN and AAPL. Since Jan 25, AAPL is down .91% and AMZN is down 6.9%. TSLA is down 17.24%. That means of the three you mentioned, only one is down double digits. The one I mentioned. Further, it's not uncommon in war to use shrapnel based weapons. Fire at one target, hurt three. In this case, a shrapnel based weapon was used. AAPL and AMZN were collateral damage. The target was TSLA. Another way of putting it is mass punishment. Mass punishment is when you target an individuals peers. The idea being, if you target the peers, next time said individual acts up, his peers will slap him down and no ammo will need to be expended. Now run along

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