Deaf students abused by priests at Clercs de St. Viateur win record $30-million settlement

There's been five years in court that preceded it.

The Judge approved the class action in November of 2012. So a little over 3 years from filing notice, to settlement. That us quite fast for any class action suit, especially one dealing with over 200 plaintives, thousands of witnesses and with actions that happened upwards of 40+ years ago, by defendants who are mostly dead. The only reason it concluded so quickly was because the defense agreed to this resolution.

For example, a similar suit in Canada was one brought by the victims of the Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children. It took over 15 years to conclude.

The benefits of these suits are that they don't expose the plaintive to personal financial liability, the downside is that they can encompass such broad actions, it takes a long time to sort though them.

If they wanted to drag this suit out, and had the financial ability to do so, they could have dragged this out for easily 10+ years.

I linked to the article from Radio-Canada that explains that how that works

The article says absolutely nothing of substance.

the Article from the SRC I linked that explains how every single little thing is contested to death in court.

Did you even read the article? The only one specific situation it mentions, where the one lawyer was complaining about details being contested.... was one where the contention was being done by the victims. The Archdiocese agreed to the settlement, then there was contention among the various plaintive as to who got what portion of the settlement. They then fought over every little detail of the settlement, having to bring in experts to testify what constituted 'masturbation' and other terms not defined in the settlement but were material to how much the victim was paid.

It doesn't always go to court. In the case of the Duplessis' Orphans for instance (which is much more horrifying than this case), Quebec paid.

Quebec paid, because the Government of Quebec was directly responsible in that case and admitted their fault. The Church maintains they had no knowledge of the scheme to falsely certified as mentally ill orphaned children.

These two situations have absolutely nothing in common.

You clearly have absolutely no idea what you're talking about when it comes to these situations, or how these types of civil suits work. Please stop embarrassing yourself because you misread a 6 paragraph radio Canada article.

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