Opinion: LNG is a hat trick for Canada

Not going to happen in the East under Quebec's current government who desperately wants to pass "deals" with its first Nations people who strongly oppose pipelines.

Not going to happen either under the Quebec Liberals, the Parti Quebecois or the Quebec Solidaire parties and since the Quebec Conservatives are polling at around 7% currently... PQ and QS are very much against fossil fuels, the Liberals are unlikely to form government in the next 20 years, they are polling at 4% in the french speaking electorate (80% of the population).

Exporting East through the U.S. means America will take a huge cut.

In the West, despite the support of elected First Nations Chiefs, the hereditary Chiefs oppose LNG, leading to discord inside the Indigenous communities and the creation of "two losing sides" as anyone who takes a side will be portrayed as "anti-Indigenous", either opposing the elected Chiefs or opposing the hereditary Chiefs.

Canada's unique federal system and Indigenous situation probably means LNG are landlocked...

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