The Case for 15-Minute Cities

One argument that I hear a lot is this: In the uk and Europe they've done some trials of this, where they had literal gates that tracked any time you left and entered the zone. After a set amount of times, you had to pay. So the tracking, the encroaching on privacy, and the cost (which gets into a class debate of who can afford to be more free) all start to fall into a system that gets ever closer to authoritarianism. Why stop there? You're tracked where you take your car. What food you buy, how much electricity you use, all of these things are subject to more control and tracking. I'm not saying any of these control efforts are all bad or all good- there are pros and cons obviously. But to answer everyone's question- there seems to be 2 types of people on this type of sub: those who truly fear being controlled, and those who don't see it as control but as fair solutions to our collective problems.

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