Opinion | Is it time to step down? 5 questions about Justin Trudeau’s future as he marks 10 years as Liberal leader

I think it's kind of hard to say.

I know Trudeau isn't popular around here, and I have issues with him too (cough my rants about C-36), but don't forget that the parade of Liberal leaders and candidates that came before him were wildly unpopular. As much as there is real Trudeau fatigue, and as much as recent legislation has been controversial--and future legislation proves to be even more controversial--he's always going to have the accolade of having brought the Liberal Party back from the brink of the abyss. Even if that was more Mulcair fumbling the ball than anything.

So, should he?

If they find another popular leader they think will resonate, maybe. But changing leaders can also backfire spectacularly, and I think it's more likely they try to run a more negative campaign and capitalize on Poilievre's pandering with the 'anti-woke' commentary to pitch the Liberals as the safe bet, to scrape through with another minority government.

Either way this next election is probably going to be a bloodbath and that everyone is going to be playing full-force negative.

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