Canada to transfer artillery, air defense ammunition to Ukraine

Sorry man but Canada mostly needs 2 things:

  • Airplanes
  • Navy ships

Missiles are not a priority

The only missiles that could pose a threat to Canada are:

  • ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles) against which there are few defenses that exist and of the few that exist, maybe one system is for sale and the others aren't.
  • Hypersonic missiles, for those there are no defense yet.
  • Ship or submarine launched cruise missiles.

The only planes that can reach a Canadian city are:

  • Russian long range bombers, which are so slow ans so easy to track, a CF-18 could shoot one down over the horizon at 4 PM and be back in time for supper.
  • Any American plane, but if America decides to attack Canada, there is really nothing we could do.

Canada does not need tanks or armored fighting vehicles for its defense

There is no way any country will ever invade Canada. None have the capacity to land a sizeable force "D-Day style". The only country with the capabilities to invade Canadian soil is the United States of America and if those guys decide to invade... We might as well learn the Pledge of Allegiance. /s

The only time we will need tanks or armored fighting vehicles is when we deploy them abroad... But anytime Canada deploys troops abroad, it is always part of a coalition and out allies have the things we lack and we have things they lack...

What Canada needs:

Warships, patrol ships, polar patrol ships, supply ships, warplanes, air tankers, transport planes and submarine detection planes and helicopters.

Guess what Canada is buying/building?

  • We are building warships
  • We are building patrol ships
  • We are building polar patrol ships
  • We are building supply ships
  • We are buying F-35
  • We are seeking a replacement for our air tankers
  • We have already bought 5 CC-117 Globemasters
  • We already operate a fleet of CC-130 Hercules
  • We have a tender out for maritime patrol planes
  • We already have maritime helicopters equipped with radar, FLIR and sonar buoy and capable of launching guided torpedoes.
  • We already have Search and Rescue helicopters.

Just take a second and realize that all the fancy weapons you wish Canada had would be useless 99.99% of the time.

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