Voting is still just an effort to prevent/slow down it from getting worse.
And real plans? Read some damn books. I still believe the best way is to decide in case to case basis what's the best way to get an a free social society. In some countries are great anarchistic unions, in other country they organize outsides of union.

What exactly did the government for us? They did beat us up when we ask for equality. They lock you up if you don't make place. They lock you up if you don't stand up for the judge. They beat you up for being gay, they deport you for not being gay enough. They put trans* into the wrong cell blocks. They might also kill you in the cell and lit you on fire, and get away with that. And how long are they doing it? For ever. And will they keep doing it? Probably.
If you didn't know about it, i would ask you to speak with minorities, how they experience it and only because they might be thankful to live here, it does not mean it is okay to mistreat humans.
I hope you see how arrogant is sounds to say it makes it better for everyone, it's just negates what others have to deal on a daily basis, and i hope you just didn't know that.

Every attempt change the world to a the better one was started on the street. Not in parliament, they just gave in into demands to keep their power. Every act of suppression of freedom is started by the government, not on the street, to get more power.

I don't care if you vote. I do more care about you going out on the streets for your everyone experiencing Repression,Racism,Discrimination.
But if you tell yourself that you have done everything that you could do, with just going to vote, than i really think (besides that you don't really understand democracy and only instead a single way to contribute to the democracy) that you just don't care about us the others living in a fucked up world made to negate our existence, humanity and love.

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