Say what you want about Tucker Carlson. But he’s the only MSM personality still talking about Epstein.

Everything is bullshit. The ground level Politics being discussed isn't even close to the real deal.

Wake me up when there's a pundit talking about the controlled release of a new technology, or cult vs cult shadow wars, real levers of power, not this right vs left or rich vs poor crap. Planned demolitions of babylon (any given nation) with the consent of its rulers, etc. I mean, we couldn't really fuck up Afganistan or Iraq if their leaders didn't want us to -- the amount of dirty politicians and ease of a nation state hacking / intel... Come the fuck on, the shit would be hitting the fan with far more evidence than is available publicly.

All public politics is complete rubbish to keep the masses divided against each other over issues that don't matter and were created out of thin air. People are so far gone they don't know what's real. Their basic world view is whack and obviously broken by anyone who studies it.

People in media / mystery cults know the profane don't know shit and don't really question reality. They don't mind spreading some more rubbish around for a few bucks, it doesn't matter. The average human believes Eratosthenes determined the size of the earth accurately without correcting for the lensing of the air which significantly changes the apparent position of the sun enough so that sunsets are fucking orange, mate... They're daft. [meh, the reader has tuned out at this point and doesn't really understand anything anyway, but I'll continue]. I have two sticks of incense on my desk about a foot apart, one is under a desk lamp and casts no shadow, the other casts a shadow. Eratosthenes experiment allegedly proves my desk is a sphere some 11ft in diameter and places my desk lamp at over half a mile away. Yet this shit is taught in academia as how we know the size and shape of earth.

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