Depressed, no job, no life, no money, addiction, suicidal thoughts.

Fuck bud this is why my career is changing to driving. Can't stand the work and I've been doing it for so long it's th only thing im real good at. Seriously tho you can do anything when you practice, it's just hard to get through shit you hate doing because you don't get interested in learning it just makinit worse. If that's how you feel switch it uo, I had a terrible time in a shop, but as I grow older I practice more and more how to articulate my words and do certain movements, it will get better with practice. Much much better, it may take a long while but I absolutely promise you that if you really do what you wanna do it'll get better.

I had some extremely negative thoughts when I moved and delivered furniture, thought I'd be this sht my whole life, but that just isn't true. I just did a driving test for a company and aced that shit (perfect in every category) because I've been practicing it so so much, and that proves your dyspraxia only slows down your learning a bit, doesn't mean it's always gonna be like this. I knew another guy with my condition, he practiced a lot and he could do sports, he could do the job well, he practiced a lot and did whatever he did to get through it.

This might not have been helpful but just know you're going to get through this and it's not gonna suck forever. No one that would judge you for this is truly worth listening to anyway.

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