"Der Spiegel" cover today

You are desperately clinging on to this www thing. Could that be your insecurities showing?

Only an idiot would try to claim the WWW wasn't a significant achievement, but then to be fair you are an idiot.

I hate to break it to you broski, but the British empire is dead. It died before you were even born. I'm sorry that that makes you angry, but that's just the facts. You're going to have to learn to live with it.

I hate to break it to you retard, but the British empire was still in existence in the 1970's, and didn't come to a complete end till the lease on Hong Kong expired in the 90's, and the British commonwealth of 53 countries is still in existence. The British empire existed way before your country and had more of a global impact then your country ever will.

If you mean a British brand computer, I hope you're kidding. I can't imagine what a heap of shit a British designed computer would be. I'll stick to my MacBook Air, which is about 5 years ahead of all the competition.

And designed by a Brit you imbecile. Jonathan Ive is the design genius behind Apple.

You should try joining the 21st century with us Americans; you might like it.

You don't live in the 21st century. You live in a little bubble of your own stupidity and ignorance.

I worked on it during early design and I'm back working on it again. But I don't need to tell you anything, you clearly know so much about technology, what with your claims of the British inventing things that were actually invented 2000 years ago by ancient Greek scientists.

Hahahaha. Sorry you've proven you are far to thick be able to make bullshit claims like that. You are clearly uneducated.

I'm guessing that you're probably either a barista or a shoe salesman. Am I close? Well it doesn't really matter considering you keep bringing up a long-dead empire under which you never even lived.

Want to know what I am? I'll tell you, I'm your intellectual superior. You don't know when the British empire ended, you don't know how or why it ended, and you don't know the impact it had on the world, and your not intelligent enough to be capable of learning.

Quick history lesson: the Mongol empire was by far and away the greatest empire to ever exist. The British empire didn't even come close.

Hahaha. See. You don't know jackshit about history. Fucking laughable.

And yet look at Mongolia today; look at how utterly irrelevant that country is.

And yet Britain is still a global superpower of which imbeciles like you are obsessed. We've done so much for the world that cunts like you desperately try to take credit for it.

Can you name a single Mongolian person other than Genghis Khan? That's where "Great" Britain is headed.

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