Why isn't MKP's matchfixing allegation a bigger deal?

First of all, how is this 'MKP's matchfixing allegation' all of the sudden? He wasn't the only person participating in the game. Which ties into my next point...

I'm not any kind of authority but I am pretty shocked at how quickly basically every vocal member of this community has turned on and bashed Marineking over this. The game itself is in no way proof (or even suggests, for that matter) that Marineking threw the game.

The last time bets were voided, there was some brief discussion about how the players involved might have taken part in match-fixing, but it kind of died down because they denied it and there was no proof. The game itself was not suggestive of matchfixing, just strange betting patterns.

This situation is no different, except Marineking played somewhat oddly. But in no way was his non-reaction evidence of matchfixing. And it's frankly disgusting to me that so many people have turned on him and convicted him in the court of public opinion. Imagine if you are Marineking, and all of your fans turned on you with literally zero evidence. How do you think he feels? I'm sure most of you don't care.

Players make mistakes all the time. Just because these guys are pro gamers does not mean they are incapable of mistakes. Marineking especially has had an extremely poor showing in Proleague since his return. I think he's only won games versus protoss, which is an extremely micro-dependent match-up (obviously his primary strength).

The dot on the minimap can easily be mistaken for an overlord. And guess what, the players pay attention a lot of things, and sometimes they miss something that, to a casual observer, might be incredibly obvious. How many times do even the best players (Maru vs. Dark comes to mind) lose to a Nydus? You can hear the fucking sound and he still didn't defend it. Was he throwing too? The only difference this time is that there were betting irregularities to compliment the poor performance by Marineking. Irregularities that we are provided literally ZERO details about.

So based on this, everyone has condemned a perennial fan favorite, someone who is loved by almost everybody in the community. This just kind of demonstrates to me how fickle you fucks are. You aren't fans at all. You're just here for the show, and whenever there's a bump in the road, you're willing to condemn even one of the most loved players to date without anything conclusive. Nobody is ignoring the problem because there is no problem.

I don't doubt that there is shadiness involved with esports betting, and I'd even venture to say that somebody, somewhere along the line took some money in exchange for compromising the integrity of the game. But it wasn't this game, and it wasn't necessarily Marineking. And even if it is this game being fixed and it is Marineking, there's only the flimsiest of circumstantial arguments to base it on.

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