Cincinnati drops from Huck Finn, likely securing a second bid for the Ohio Valley

As a team potentially qualifying for nationals for the first time: why the FUCK wouldn't you do this? Step out of your glorified shoes (or cleats if you play in those) for one fucking moment and look at this from outside the boundaries of your perspective as a player on a team competing for a spot at natties. This is a team who has yet to be on this scene, has been on the cusp of breaking onto the scene, and is chomping at the bit to make a name for themselves. Why would you jeopardize that? (In fantasy football, if are up one point going into a monday night game and your opponent has no players left, would you consider benching your last spot to avoid the possibility of your kicker missing a field goal and losing a point?)

Items that relate to the TD: Everyone is only sourpuss about all of this because something is at stake. When the bottom seed at a tournament drops, sure, the TD gives a shit because now he/she has to deal with re-arranging the bracket, dealing with a different number of teams than pre-determined, etc... Teams only care in that regard because now their bye round is thrown off, or they don't potentially get the warm up game they thought they might. The TD deals with this! If they want, they can prevent that team from attending their tournament in the future. But in all actuality, a TD isn't going to do that. I say that with the perspective of organizing tournaments and having teams drop, as well as dropping from tournaments for whatever the reason be (I haven't dropped from a tournament because I have the option to qualify for natties tho, I wish). And with those reasons, whether it be the level of competition was reduced, we had players drop, whatever it was, the TD wasn't pleased, but they could handle it. That's how this will progress.

Also, we have another issue with ultimate that's the fucking ego of everyone that plays. Set that bull shit aside for one god damn minute! UC is doing what is in their best interest to qualify for nationals. How can you hate on that???? If you recall from the olympics in 2012, we've seen something similar with the Chinese doubles badminton team ( intentionally losing a match to try and gain a favorable match-up going into the bracket. People were upset, but one thing to take into consideration here is the idea was that a fundamental flaw was brought to the attention of how a team could move forward with competition. Here we have a similar fundamental flaw. If there is not a benefit to playing another game (we're back to ultimate now), why would you? If there is a DISADVANTAGE to playing another game, would you not agree that it would be IRRATIONAL to do so? This also only brings to the attention of a flaw in the system of a team like Tulane to lose out, in the hope that it hurts UC. The incentive for teams should be in the "W" column. Not trying to lose (or not compete).

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