describe your last session in story form from the perspective of your character.

SoC, Autumn Aurora 2.1

It looked like things had finally settled down over on the south side of the Garbage pile, so I grabbed the broken MP5 I got of one of them stick-up boys and headed back towards the Cordon. Fat Sid owed me for bumpin' off two bandits over on eastside of Garbage so while I'm there I can get him to look at this subgun. I don't really like SMGs but I knew from experience it was useful to have good working guns in all the common calibers.

So anyways, the sun was goin' down so I hightailed it down the road. Uneventful 'til I got to the abandoned railroad bridge. Well, it wasn't abandoned no more. About five hard-lookin' military guys. I guess they got wise someone iced their boys when they didn't show up for dinner. I didn't have nothing to do with that though. They was all already dead when I came through the first time, buncha dead bandits with 'em too. Anyway it was gettin' dark and all I had was a flashlight and they looked like they were lookin' for someone so I went hard to the east and just headed across that field, you know, in the dark. Thought I was fine till right where the part where I jump the track a bunch of ol' dogs got on to me and scared the life out of me. I ran and jumped over the tracks, I could hear their teeth chompin' right behind me. I musta went through a hotspot 'cause when I come out on the south side of them tracks I was just sicker than I've ever been and them dogs weren't nowere around me. I thought I was gonna die right there just sittin' on the grass in the dark by them train tracks.

Well I lay there Lord knows how long, I dug in that first aid kit I had and took all the pills that was in it, washed it down with a bottle of vodka, and I lay there just a thrashin'. I couldn't see for nothin'. The moon was out but it was fixin' to storm. I lay there till it had started to rain on me and I felt like I could get up so I did. I creeped through the brush till I come up behind that old bus stop then I was ok. Got to the village and got fixed up then a big ol' blowout came so I stayed under that village for the night. So anyway that was that night.

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