Devon's Tweet about S3 Finale Part 1. (potential S3 spoilers in replies)

Seeing this tweet, I think I have to apologize... I'm sorry Devon for what I wrote, saying I hated your acting in the first episodes of season 3.

Let me explain it to you in an other way: I like much your acting, but the PTSD character in that series is not what suits you most. I don't want to put the blame just on you, because it was mostly due to a bad editing. Some moments were really too long while we had lots and not enough informations in the same time (I mean, the song in Akadia, gosh!) And your acting was good enough for us to understand where you were emotionally after 3 months. It is just we needed more informations, more character developments (Gina? Who's this?), more... I don't know yet. Anyway, something was missing. The characters had changed significantly and we were missing them. To spend that much camera time on your grievings and alcoholism wasn't a good idea, because also there wasn't enough material to play with. Come on, that scene in the Rover when you were deep into yourself listening to Maya's music, and then you singing along happily with everyone? Really? Gosh! It is not possible to play something impossible, written and edited the way it was.

I'm one of your advocates here, and now you have gotten back on the show, the writers would make a terrible mistake to make you die, I swear. And they would loose one of their finest actors. Just remember to put a bit more malice and intensity while acting devastated and wasted to make it more captivating, no matter what the director tells you (please watch Mathew Baynton, and consider he's your older brother from who you can catch a few acting tips, as you're family). But you're very young and yet talented. Since your energy is back in the character, your acting has evolved, and that's very good news.

I understand it is not as easy as it seems, but please, don't be bitter.

And do accept my apologies.

(Just in case he's reading... I've been a bit harsh there)

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