Why did the Jews and Christians stop corrupting their Bibles?

What Allah had ordered to all of His prophets to spread these main rules:

  • believe/worship/trust in Him only/solely
  • daily prayers
  • zakat (gift economy)

These aspects exist in Bible and Torah and other Books given to other groups. What is altered is as example:

  • Solomon -pbuh died as pagan
  • Usury is a tool for Jews to conquer to world, no matter what

What led to:

  • Israelites, after changing the Solomon "detail", were sent out from Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar
  • As they have obtained other people's property, further bans came as we know as "kosher food" today but most of them are their deductions

Also after Jesus the Messiah's death Israelites were forced to leave by Titus

For Bible:

  • They have included Paul's letter to the Book
  • There is a feud going on between the lines of northerner and southerner Israelites

As result they are end up intertwined text which today calls people to disown Jesus the Messiah completely and along with Israelites they think this much confusion is manmade hence Jesus is a myth or a "rabbi".

Allah confirms Torah and Bible and asks from people who believe in those messages to act to the letter, as it has His ruling and wisdom. Such as stoning to death is still part of Torah and Bible but nobody takes it seriously.

Jews in Quran has a special place as they were selected from Allah subjects to be the leaders on earth, an they have received the message via different messengers. But Allah claims that they threw message to their back and they didn't want to spread it as in Judgment Day other groups may be their witness against them.

Hence they are classified as ones who called His fury, they have exiles twice on them, and until Judgment Day Allah will send His most powerful subjects on them.

It is not about Book or any messenger it is about belief to One God and His Justice. All these groups of people are an example and Allah's rules apply to all, hence Jews or Christians are living example.

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