Didn’t know that he cook

Empathy is harder to give than it is to ask for. The vast majority of us who are lucky enough to bury our heads in a pillow at the end of the night consider ourselves, at bare minimum, to be good people. Judging by the majority of your comments, you seem to be polite and generally a nice person. Maybe I'm projecting my own absolutely packed and tiring week on you, but I feel like you might have just needed to purge some negativity.

I'm more tired than an 18-wheeler myself, but somehow, I'm in a good headspace; If you ever need someone to just listen, I'm here. If you need advice, I'm cool with that, too. Maybe you just wanna send each other stupid memes, that's my fuckin' jam. You're also welcome to suggest that I humbly go fuck myself. If you think I'm disingenuous, I'd suggest you try me.

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