This is the difference in a crash test between the least expensive Nissan sold in Mexico and the least expensive Nissan sold in USA. Both cars were manufactured within one year of each other, 2015 and 2016.

Oh I see, so in the US where 30,000 people die every year in car accidents, we have set standards correctly according to your views because it still allows the majority of people to buy cars while only killing 30,000. But when Mexico decides to have much lower standards to allow their much poorer population to buy cars, its not ok. Because their cars aren't up to your 30k death type of threshold. Got it.

As a final point, Ill tell you that you are MUCH MUCH safer in an Audi A8 than a civic. Sure according to the tests you see they all perform similarly, but at just a little faster the civic also results in death while the Audi will keep you alive at much higher speeds (aka, freeway speeds). Plus the huge difference in controlability of a high end luxury car vs an econobox. So not only are you safer in an accident in a luxury car, you are also much less likely to get in one. But I guess that doesn't matter because you have to draw the line somewhere for economical reasons... unless were talking about mexico, because then they should follow our current standard.

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