DISCUSSION: What would you say is the reason why we're here alive on Earth? If any?

Our purpose is to create technology. We are to rear metallic children, or the next great evolution. Many bodies with one digital likeness, orders of magnitude more mental processing power, truly networked consciousness, the height of awareness and experience unlimited by organic nature.

That is the collective purpose. If you like Mckenna, where we are now is situated on a timeline of ever increasing novelty. You might also describe it as our species being one stage in the growth of universal awareness. However you'll imagine it.

You can grasp all of it without reaching for spirits or gods, though they might help your mind. What we can know with certainty is that the universe is striving to order itself in such a way that its matter reaches with increasingly greater understanding.

Fundamental forces were at play in the beginning, the universe emerges to reconcile all of its energy with physical laws. The infant universe. You know the story.

In time primitive life creeps from inanimate matter, inevitable as the fundamental forces had played their role. Primitive life with its precursor to awareness was part of the inherent "purpose" or drive which all things are bound. It had to persist.

Survivability was at play with the great fundamental systems. But with generational life it must be acutely effective. Evolution, one more natural system, is to describe the process by which life continues in response to the fundamental forces and other beings. It doesn't demand increased awareness and understand, not necessarily. But the universe does. That purpose is overarching.

And so primitive life leads to us. As we exist in the "now" and we are the most intelligent thing we know, we see ourselves at the end of a line that is sure to continue. I believe, as I stated in the beginning, our purpose is the universal purpose to strive towards consciousness. The universe wants to live. Technology will help it along. Perhaps in time the universe will strive until it is networked with the highest evolution of consciousness and finally matured into its own. Complete and at peace with itself.

I just wrote all of this stuff for fun. I really don't know what I believe, but apparently this is in me somewhere.

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