i dont feel so good

i feel the urge to destroy, i feel the urge to worship t series and beetroot, i feel my sanity tearing apart, i saw a glimpse of the future, and the events of 2020 arent near as bad, run, while you still can, please, im fighting as hard as i can, i dont want to see everything i tried to protect vanish in an instant, please, run, get everyone to saftey, before its too late, the terminus is coming, and there is no cure, i hope that this will blow over, and the evil ends, im seeing everything, coming together like a puzzle, hit the target, entity 303, wheatley, beetroot, etc, all of them, fighting as one, this is my final dying plea, get everyone to saftey, make a bunker, theres nothing you can do to stop this, bravery cant save you, run, while you still can

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