DOOM Eternal IS a DOOM game; fire bars shouldn't ruin your experience.

Yep. It’s annoying as fuck saying online that 2016 was more to my taste. People act so offended when you say you don’t like the new mechanics and how it feels.

Arts subjective people. There is no right answer. It’s all personal preference.

Personally, I’m like you. I loved 2016, the music, how well it ran, the tight story, the way the game hyped you up and made you feel like a total badass.

Eternal just isn’t the same. And yep, that’s alright. But I wanted more of what I enjoyed the first time round, not to take away what I enjoyed and replace it with platforming lol.

And I despise those ridiculous icons for ammo etc. Just looks out of place to me. Eternal was a let down for me. Won’t be buying any sequels this time until I’ve read reviews and seen gameplay, which is a shame because 2016 is up there in my list of top ten games. I played it to hell and back.

Also not a fan of how Bethesda handled the whole mick Gordon thing. Guys music helped define 2016. Makes my inner teenager happy hearing the man slap out some sick riffs, he’s talented as fuck.

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