Dr. Moore: The risk is higher now than it’s ever been in our community

I have been WFH for 4 years now due to my poor health so for me it’s been an easier adjustment as I’ve always stayed away from general public. I’m in the minority of it not negatively affecting me in that sense. My partner also lost his job due to covid so we have been BLESSED to stay home and stay put and stay safe not seeing any family since March. From my point of view ppl don’t want to wear masks in others houses because it’s not “the norm” and the changes were now having to adapt too are very hard on folks. I love masks and will wear them always always. Please stay safe on the bus, it’s definitly a risk but one many have to take to get to work. Thanks for doing your part. I also totally agree with UBI. I make barely minimum wage, a 20% pay cut WFH and the rest of the company is being paid full due to covid. A little bitterness on my end naturally, but other than that my company has handled it well... although they are currently asking for “volunteers” to return to the call centre offices in the new year, but I’m always a WFH so here I will stay, in my blessed little bubble that I’m so thankful to have. If only those around me could understand that’s why we are not taking any risks socially... and only doing drive by visits from the car. My partner helps his elderly grandparents so again it’s just a blessing I do wfh so he can still keep his grandparents safe while caring for their home and their needs.

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