Drug-impaired driving: Complex challenges may accompany legalization of marijuana

So 5 nanograms of THC is not at all akin to .08 blood alcohol level and it's stupid to think so. If you've been puffin the magic dragon everyday for a year you can complete any complex task involving extreme brain and motor function with no more difficulty than a sober person. Although If you do smoke less than once a day I would avoid driving while baked because you are far more likely to actually be impaired. The problem is if you conduct a road side sobriety test on a habitual user who just smoked 2 j's they may pass that test with flying colours. Thus resulting to testing their blood to prove impairment isn't fair if they can smoke a joint and juggle on a unicycle while singing O CANADA. It doesn't make any sense to claim they're impaired and lay charges if they can demonstrate they are not by passing the road side test first. I think giving law enforcement the power to take a blood sample from you if they smell weed in your car is disgusting and an abuse of power. For safety I think an officer automatically issuing a 24 hour suspension if they suspect you're under the influence would be far more reasonable. I think if you're in an accident or are pulled over for an infraction and are subsequently given a 24 hour on top of that, all other fines relating should be tripled. If you want to ask for a blood sample to prove you're innocent go right ahead. If you're caught smoking while driving or receiving 2nd hand smoke from passengers you should absolutely be charged with impaired driving. It's sad because legalizing marijuana was going to provide the RCMP with a brief window of hope to win the hearts and minds back of the people by finally no longer imposing such bullshit drug laws. If they start demanding blood samples from motorists, half of BC might as well turn over a sample and sell their car. Let's also not pretend like marijuana in BC for example isn't already being used everyday by a wide array of motorist on our roads. Legalizing it won't all of a sudden create a public traffic safety issue that hasn't already been there for the past 20+ years. I think the attitude towards impairment from the use of marijuana is grossly exaggerated. I think people who don't want to admit is was wrong to keep it illegal for so many years can't handle also knowing it doesn't impair or degrade a person who decides to partake in any significant way. Using marijuana everyday doesn't make you any less of a person or driver. Any parent, professor, police, or politician who thinks it does is a fucking idiot and was told tall tales by their daddy.

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