ELI5: The interconnectivity between reality, psychology, sociology, biology, chemistry, physics, math, philosophy and then back to reality. [11]?

To answer from one perspective the first birth and the way that first birth began is reality the first start is reality the first life is reality the first thought is not reality see it as breathing in breathing out. When that first reality was forgotten we breath out in thought then we stop were back in touch with reality but not ideal or truly or as we would like(more about that later) then we wake back up to that reality not the true reality and began to breath in thought till we stop so the process repeats and repeats that's how all those sciences came to be. now to what i was saying about " then we stop were back in touch with reality but not ideal or truly or as we would like(more about that later)" the reality i'm somewhat talking about (but the one after this one) is the time before intellectual awareness. which that would be ideal to know how it was but the reality that meaning when i say we go back to true reality is we don't really but what i'm saying is when we are just living timelessly not deep thinking at all living as nature intended well back when were wild we did but now we live as society intends us to be which nature handbook to life is instincts etc society there no clear handbook to life unbeknownst to to the many but its the underlying problem to society why theirs...well everything we see in society that society clearly portrays is wrong was a product of society and because of society society kinda hides the wrongs they try to stop the wrong but are blind and arrogant to the true cause of it they don't realize realities before not of thought the science but of the realities of past lives and other lives and there and imbalance between the thought reality to the life reality ignorance to one another which cause of it one is arrogant and the other is flawed while the true life reality is being forgotten also religion and so on isn't helping we either have to have the this current thought reality(beliefs in society that are respected and preach by the governments) take over the this current life reality (money living pay check to paycheck the way you were raised and know) and make it obey the current thought reality by that i mean the this flawed and current life reality needs to be more suited for the thought reality at hand so the imperfect life reality, won't produce the wrong( that plague this society) by that i mean for the life reality to kill the true life reality that seeps threw in it and create the wrong by plaguing the thought reality in that society and action that become is not necessary the wishes of the true reality but it as i said the special product that produces cause of these currents thought reality and life reality that or not perfect or ideal and ignorant to eachother so that is one way the other way which i would say is the ideal way is to create a new thought reality and life reality with the wisdom of the true reality(which is not really defined but easy to to tell what oppressing the true reality its basically the way that nature had naturally intended) and have a perfect euphoria-um between them which this will be hard task cause the current realities(now old) will try to to seep into the new realities and plague it so i say the way to solve this is to have representatives for the new realities and one for the old realities(the many old realities cause there many nations but its all globalized now but still distinct) which the representative of the new realities will be more supreme because thy accepts all the wrongs that our products of the old realities but for these products to be able to be able to embrace and touch the new realities one much be wash away the plague the attachments to the old realities and not hold them arrogantly and not influence thy actions but for the new realities to influence there actions my username ignore it and grammar ignore it your welcome to fix my grammar

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