[ENG] New Yoshi Letter

Dokkan is now targeting modders,bot farmers etc. Rather than making the game fun and earn money that way they are looking to make it harder to play for those that wouldn't pay either way.

So having cheaters is fun for you? Coming from dokkan no it isn't by any way fun or anything like that. The new update also stops datamining as well. The game is still fun and when there are a lot of cheaters the game is ruined imo. That you aren't able to see some characters beforehand isn't something big personally while surprise may bring good results as well as build up a lot of hype. To choose or not to summon regardless if you are global or japanese player that matters less the more experience you have with a game. Beginners can always ask and receive help regarding a unit and how well it performs on different modes from veterans. The banners don't end in 1 day so you can think about it and decide whether it's good or not good to summon. It's simply as that. I'm f2p and i'm having a lot of fun with dokkan no idea why you think that way. Perhaps optc has taken a lot of wrong ideas or paths while aging but that isn't dokkan's mistake but optc's mistake and you should aim to voice your opinion towards it. Used to play optc and a lot of stuff of what xdoble7x says are right. A lot of stuff that Yoshi thinks are very inaccurate.

The time difference doesn't matter in any game. Time difference exists because japanese games start a bit earlier but i personally think optc has a lot of problems regarding:

-Too much pvp focused. The game used to be pve now the majority of modes are pvp ranking this ranking that. Ranking less=no rewards ranking hard in all of the is very time consuming and tiring.

-F2P characters nowadays the majority of them are bad. Why farm a character with 2018 effects and spending all that time just to use it as a booster and out? Total waste of time

-Pvp is probably the worst possible idea that came to optc. Limited teambuilding&resources about it both against optc how it has worked for many years.

-A lot of ranking brings a lot of cheaters which aren't punished at all in optc. Someone knows that the game runs for 7 years and has almost no ban rate means it's a cheating paradise making grinding multiple times worse.

-Mixing units&boosters making events harder why they shouldn't

-Throwing all together limited characters after big sugos is just a big troll. They should have brought wj characters already. Now if they bring an all wj sugo after something french anni which will probably feature acevs akainu that's a huge shaft for global

-Combining content to push a celebration thus giving less rewards to one server is another bad move as well

-Self advertising limited sugo character and then make them appear 1-2 months later is another bad idea as well.

-Creating very hype characters that people vote for and not make them very good or broken is something very bad as well.

So yeah if you want to voice your opinions you have to do it well. And not let 3-5 toxic people decide for the whole community just because they like being edgelords. If you got up until here what i mean then you should know to do what is the best to move on. If you really like the game to move on then act if you don't then leave it for good. Games are supposed to be fun.

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