Even if you believe people killing gays and apostates are going against the word of Allah, it is still valid to critic them as muslims

I swear this subreddit is just filled with people either making shit up about religion or people not willing to even read the entire comment before replying.

Can you read the last 2 lines? Where in Islam does it say that people are punished for having peaceful debates?!!?! I don't get your point, just where is it said that you are not allowed to debate religion? Dr. Zakir Naik had an entire show where people question Islam, That dude has studied Islam as well as a few other religions. So what scholars are you even talking about?
Man, this subreddit will someday kill me. You're LITERALLY spreading misinformation and making stuff up, exactly like the discussion in this thread, just how ironic. Isn't it? Also, I'll AGAIN, mention House of Wisdom.

You just took a single point out of a couple ones, and replied to it, and even your reply is made up!! I swear if this isn't Ironic!

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