So you think Jay was telling the truth, substantially?

You're talking about "planned" again though. We only believe there was any premeditation because of Jay's testimony. And seriously, what's the evidence? Lending a car to someone?

Are you crazy? I have no idea to what degree it was planned and I don't care. It was a crime of passion. Planned over a day or hours or after the fact, I don't care. I don't see how it matters if you think Adnan is guilty.

They then just sit there for weeks not telling anybody. Adnan seems to act normal, while Jay is reportedly falling to pieces - panicking about evidence and later white vans. The reason? He's a murderer.

Are you fucking insane? Have you ever committed a crime? Why is Jay falling apart? He is a low level drug dealer that got pulled into being accessory to murder. He knows Adnan did it and he is terrified of being a rat or getting caught. Either fucks up his life royally. Adana is chill as fuck, because he just killed that asshole chick that left him and no one is going to find that body. He is happy as a lark.

From there, it's operation make up a story that exonerates you and has Adnan as a killer. There's virtually no evidence for anything that he says pinning Adnan to the crime, but plenty of evidence linking him.

This is where it gets completely unbelievable. If Adnan is innocent, he has had a normal day without Jay. Jay cannot know he has no alibi. Adnan only needs the lamest of alibis and only for a couple of key times. This would be the most hail mary insane defense ever put forward. Jay would have to be a lunatic to try this. He has to invent a story, hope his buddy can't disprove it in any way, and hope it lines up with cell tower records. Meanwhile Adnan just has to remember anything. Anything at all...

The other explanation is that Jay had no problem pointing the finger at Adnan, because they were together. He knew there would be no Alibi, because he knew Adnan killed her. But yeah, he could have just made it all up and been super lucky too.

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