It seems like all the furry girls turn out to be artists for some reason. They're like, the only furries I can reliably spot in the wild because they've always got some kinda drawing stuff with them (used to be a sketchpad, then various tablets/convertibles with decent pen input got popular) and are usually in a "relationship" that's platonic with a guy that sets off my gaydar and both parties are likely just together to get their parents off their asses. Also like a 98% chance they're in Marching Band.

Can usually be spotted wearing graphic tees from The Mountain with horses/wolves/dragons/all of the above, cuddling in whatever common areas your school has with their BF and a random friend of any sex, dying their hair with Kool Aid, and dropping hints about being trash that go way over the heads of all the normies present. I've known like 5 of these girls, and my sister seems to be growing up to be one.

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