[RG3] Cam Newton puts out a manifesto of the QBs he is willing to be a backup for.

Just about anyone who lives in the u.s.a., who uses Twitter or tiktok regularly and or who follows u.s.a. politics would know what I'm talking about.

Are you being disingenuous right now? Or you really dont know what im talking about? "Libs of tik tok" is one of the most popular accounts on all of social media right now. "woke" and "grooming" is often a trending word on social media, because people lie and use it out of context.

I live in Florida so I have to hear those words often when listening to local politics, I'm not projecting.

Was just trying to be sarcastic about cam using the word is all. Because the word has been used out of context the past year or so by many to spread hate and lies. Guess the joke didn't land.

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