F4M naughty daughter seeking daddy

"This isn't right", he thought. Everything about that situation with his daughter wasn't right. He couldn't stop thinking about it. One moment he was telling himself he would try to forget about it and never bring it up again, and the next minute he was imaging the way her nipples hardened at his touch. Or the way she smiled as she teased him, braless around the house. He kept replaying that night in his mind, his finger sliding into her, over and over again - "NO!", he thought. He tried envisioning his wife, but quickly realized it had been so long that he could barely remember what she looked like in bed. All he could see was his daughter with her feet swinging back and forth. "She's your daughter", he reassured himself. But the voice in his head couldn't help but point out the obvious: "but he liked it."

Over the next few days he noticed he couldn't stop getting hard whenever she entered a room. She would walk around in barely anything, smiling at him while he stared. He tried to look away, but often would lose to his lust. In a way, he wanted his wife to come back from her training in Atlanta, just so he didn't have to be hard all day long. A few times she would place her chin on his shoulder while he played games. He had a feeling she was touching herself when she did this, and the tent in his pants let her know he didn't mind. Just four days after that night, he couldn't help himself.

He found himself in her room at night after his wife passed out. She welcomed him into the bed and he spooned her and played with her nipples. He loved sliding his hand under her panties. He teased her clit, pulling her lips together and releasing them, teasing her hole but not entering. Her moans were intoxicating. A part of him kept yelling to stop, but that voice seemed so far away, and she was so close. He was always hard around her now, and she reached back and played with him. He wanted to feel her lips slide over it. He wanted to taste those lips and feel the electricity again. She squirmed in his arms as he teased her more, sliding over, but not in. She began pushing into his erection and breathing heavily. She was so wet, it took no work at all to slip inside her. She moaned into the darkness, and he moaned into her ear, "come for me, sweetie". And she did; she came for her daddy.

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