[Futa4(anyone playing)F]- Forced penis/balls expansion

In the dark halls of the Meditech Research Lab, Lucy Oskar is hard at work at a secret serum. The young scientist has been tasked with cellular repair, and at midnight Saturday, she made an insane breakthrough. Compiling her work and presenting in front of the board, they gave her resounding applause.

The methodology was not perfectly understood, but the lab results were the same. Lucy would have to drink the serum, and as it interacted with her body, it would do nothing for the 'host'. Only through drinking her bodily fluids would the effect of the serum 'activate' and then pass to the new subject.

A poster went up at the local university, promising big and quick money for an easy experiment.

The tons of candidates were filtered before one was chosen...

[ I like your prompt and just thought I'd get the ball rolling. I wanted to explore a bit of a pee fetish, if that isn't crossing the bar. The image of me just pouring straight down a throat makes me wet, so. Hope to hear. ]

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