FACEIT.com launches Open Beta and first Dota2 Community Night

Faceit announces MMR verification, Arcana Ladder every night and 100 free premiums for /r/dota2!

Hello again /r/dota2!

We are coming to you with the biggest update since the launch of our Dota2 platform!

Account MMR Verification system

From 24th March you will be able to verify your account on Faceit platform, by clicking the verify button on the game page or upon your registration if you are a new user.

Once you follow the instructions, you will add Faceit bot that will verify your account:

  • Obtain your total number of games, wins and MMR. Faceit bot will convert all of it into Faceit ELO and give you an appropriate skill level

  • Verify your account (Anti-Smurf system)

This will enable a better game quality in terms of balance and removing smurfs/cheaters off the platform. Now this is just the first of many fundamental features that we will add, but it finally allows us to start announcing some things that we were preparing for you for a while!

Important: in order to preserve current league position of already registered premium players won't take MMR verification until March ends (They get to keep their progress and in 5 days collect their rewards). Once March is over, their accounts will aswell go trough verification process.

Win Arcanas by playing ladder every night!

1st - Lina Arcana

2nd - Lina Arcana

3rd - 1-Month Premium

4th - 1-Month Premium

5th - 1-Month Premium

6th - 1-Month Premium

7th - 1-Month Premium

8th - 1-Month Premium

9th - 1-Month Premium

10th - 1-Month Premium

100x 1-Month Premiums for /r/dota2

In order to celebrate this new feature, we will be giving out 100x 1-Month premiums to /r/dota2. In order to obtain it, just reply to this post with your Faceit account and ill activate the premium for you! First come first serve! :P

A glimpse into the future

While we are running $275,000 in CS:GO, we are also keeping our eyes in Dota2 and we plan to announce huge things in the upcoming weeks.

At the moment we are also hosting qualifiers for Dreamleague Season 3 - Read more HERE.

Also if you don't know what is Faceit, please read this THREAD.

Cheers and stay awesome /r/dota2!

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