LG seems to think it's acceptable for a $1750 TV to last less than 4 years

I bought a samsung tv for $2500 two years ago, about 6 months ago the screen went black and led backlight was shot totally worthless. I checked and warranty was one year and i was 6 months over anyhow i still reached out to samsung and told them the issue and after some back and forth i was able to get it fixed under warranty. I guess i was lucky and the person handling my complaint was very understanding it also helped that i have bought several samsung products over the years and i also use corporate program.

Nonetheless i was pretty shocked how fragile they are making tv's now i remember buying a samsung tv in 2015 for $3500 and it never caused me any issues and still going strong, its build quality is even miles ahead of the one i bought recently. The new ones sure are a lot better and have more tech and features but the quality has considerably fallen.

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