Feedback Thread 5: Your 2K18 Suggestions/Bug Report/Questions (will be sent to 2K)

While I do not like it, I understand the idea of hard caps on attributes depending on your archetypes. However, the hard caps set in this game right now seem completely stupid. My main archetype is Sharpshooter, with slasher as my second. Now silly me I figured this would mean I could maybe max out my 3pt at around 90-93 or even high 80's. But no for some reason it makes sense that my MAIN archetype of sharpshooter the 3 point rating stops at I think its 82. That is utter BS, even with badges which are a bitch to grind I'm averaging around 30% from 3 with almost always good shot timing and not much defense, and this is after I switched my difficulty to PRO to see if it would help make this game enjoyable. The Hard Cap system is broken and makes no sense for the archetype I picked. I understand the game wants a "realistic" approach but in what way are they making it realistic? I didn't buy this game to be the best role player ever, that's just decent at things. I play this game and MyPlayer because I want to be the GOAT. You can't even make a superstar how you want because of the broken archetype hard caps. I'm not saying I should be MVP calibre first week but the fact that I can't go above low 80's in my main archetype which I've already maxed is ridiculous. Do they want me to just keep making different players so they can force me to either do the ridiculous grind or buy VC. I don't give a shit about MyCourt and all that crap, in my own personal my player league I should be able to get to 99 every single attribute if I want to grind out for that. This game is really turning me off from this series which sucks because I've been playing MyPlayer every year since 2k11 and has got me way more into basketball then I was before I started. Sorry for the essay I only planned on this being a few sentences but I got too into it. Please fix the game and instead of deciding how we want to play it, let us have the control to do what we want.

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