Feeling as if his new girl is getting treated better

Feeling the same way. I’m prettier and in better shape than the new girl but somehow he seems to treat her a lot better. Not saying that better looking people automatically deserves to be treated better but I’m just qualifying that it’s not like I’m objectively less desirable.

Getting through it by telling myself that the reason the relationship failed was because of him, not me, so it’s unlikely his new relationship will be very successful if he hasn’t reflected and experienced tremendous personal growth.

He might be an avoidant which is why he doesn’t mind a LDR. When he and the girl have to face each other all day, his avoidant tendencies may act up again and he would feel smothered by the relationship and break it off.

Now that I see my ex treating the new girl better, I hope he treats her well enough to last till marriage before he drops his facade and reverts to his lazy low effort immature self. Then hopefully he gets dumped and divorced before he reaches 40 and falls into depression and grow bald, while I’m living my best life. :)

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