finished Kat Von Disease foundation - won’t repurchase

I think it’s funny a lot of these people don’t know as much about other makeup companies as they do about KVD because other companies don’t post their social lives everywhere. I personally don’t mind KVD she doesn’t test on animals and if you use the right primer (I use hourglass ) you get a lot out of it and it prevents lines. It is a thicker foundation hence FULL COVERAGE. It’s suppose to be able to cover tattoos so yes it’s not going to be something like tarte which has full coverage but a thinner formula. She can do whatever tf with her kids, she’s rich enough she probably won’t bring her kid to public schools to interact with others anyways considering she has a non traditional way to go about things. As far as the new nazi and racist shit, a lot of the alternative brands I’ve seen a lot of you suggest have had allegations themselves. And they test on animals.The only way to be safe of racism in the makeup world is to buy from self made companies that are run by POC. Honestly Fenti is a fantastic brand and has an amazing full coverage much like KVD

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