First playthrough tonight impressions

Bloodborne was the first Souls game I ever played and I bought it 2 years after release. It’s now my favorite game of all time and the only game I’ve ever platinumed. And I absolutely hated it when I first started playing. I knew nothing about Dark Souls whatsoever. Just saw a bunch of people hyping the game when it was on sale so I figured whatever, I’m bored, what’s $15? I couldn’t believe a developer could make a game so difficult with so little guidance. Honestly took me a probably a month or 2 of playing it here and there to even start to understand what I was supposed to do. It goes without saying that once you really understand the game it’s fucking amazing but Miyazaki definitely went way outside the box with Souls games, almost to the complete disregard of alienating people who aren’t willing, or more often don’t have the time to spend learning a very difficult (at first) game while being brutally punished for their mistakes.

It’s funny now reading all the hate posts about Sekiro because I remember feeling a similar way at first. The feeling of the gameplay when you finally git gud at these games is hard to explain to someone still in the learning stages. Just went over my buddies house the other day to help him get through Hirata Estate in the early game. Ran straight through the enemies from the idol to the Shinobi Hunter and he goes “wait, you can just run right by them...?”

It’s his first From game, bless his heart.

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