[FNV] Is there a mod which adds carryable containers to the game?

Yeah, but that's specifically what I don't want to do, and I already have two specific backpack mods I like, plus a third which adds a lot of misc general items to the game like satchels and bandoliers and butchered armor or vanilla outfits basically and gives all kinds of ways to add a few pounds to carry weight besides the many backpacks it also includes.

So I'm not hurting for carry weight, or backpacks. What I want is, like, you know how there's a Placeable Lights mod? Where, besides the vanilla lights, you can go to Chet and buy lamps that you can specifically place in the world and turn on and off? I want that, except instead of lamps, I want boxes.

I don't want them to add any carry weight, cus that isn't realistic, since they don't have handy straps like a backpack and would really be going inside the backpack instead. Besides, they'd be a cheat if they negated their own weight. They don't need to have a limit on how much crap you can fit in em, so long as they always reflect the weight of the stuff you added.

This is just for organization. Like I say, you can get a "sortomatic" player home or other misc. item sorting mod (I even have one I mentioned), but the pre-defined categories inherent to those mods (or even just mods adding prefix categorizations to all the item names) become obsolete and troublesome once you have mods which make use of previously useless "junk" items in repairs or crafting.

Adding carry weight is easy, there's a zillion ways to do that. But for the life of me, I can't find a mod that just adds, as an ingame item, boxes you can add to your inventory, drop somewhere, stow stuff in, pick up again, and once you do, your inventory is no longer cluttered up with the stuff you put in the box (tho you still have it on you), it just says "Metal Box #1" or something. I know this is possible in some other fashion because of the mod I have which has premade boxes added to your inventory automatically which are just for Ammo Parts and Crafting Parts. But like I say, even those are only of limited use, as many crafting parts are misc. items added from mods, or vanilla junk items repurposed by mods adding new recipes/schematics. Being able to just designate your own boxes would effectively allow you to designate your own categories, without trying to anticipate every player's organizational style and/or needs with scripting/preset categories.

You know what I mean? I thought I might not be clear, but yeah, what you're offering is also for Fallout 4... I put this in Fallout Modding with the [FNV] thing cus I saw other people doing that, so I figured that was kosher, but if there's a more appropriate place to put stuff about New Vegas modding in particular, please do let me know - I'm still fairly new to reddit. I know there's a general FNV reddit but I thought this would do better in the modding section.

Anyway, hope I've clarified, for anyone who thought I was asking for a way to add carry weight. I don't want to add carry weight, I'm covered for backpacks, I just want containers to unclutter my inventory... so instead of seeing 437 different items I can put items in boxes, and in my inventory I just see "Metal Box #1" or "Small Metal Box #3" or whatever - even thought I still have the weight of the objects added to me, because naturally it doesn't become magically weightless just by going in a box.

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