[FO4] Because the nexus and PC doesn't exist right?

They're just saying that the Xbox traffic was much larger than the initial mod launch for the PC for Bethesda.net. The only 'comparison' they're drawing here is that one launch was simply larger than the other.

That is literally what I said, no argument here. Quoting the tweet was just weird, dude.

Why should OP even be pissed off at a simple tweet like this? Why does Bethesda always have to be acknowledging or validating the existence of the modding community on PC? They've been aware of the modding community on PC for years, so there's no real need to do so.

I'm not personally pissed off by this so you would have to ask the OP (and others) who are. DD has a 25 minute rant on YouTube that covers much of the same problems with how Beth is handling all of this.

Them saying 'yeah, the launches for our modding platform on PC and Xbox were pretty good, but let's give a props to the modding community already there on the PC for no reasons at all!' is absolutely pointless.

Are you not aware of the insulting tweet by one of Beth's guys about a month or two ago? They haven't at all been acknowledging of PC modding in any capacity but to insult the modders as "hackers" for daring to mod before the official tools are released, they haven't tried at all to protect intellectual property of people who mod and DON'T support XBO, and they are now implying that XBO modding is somehow larger than PC... Honestly, the more you are making me think about this the more bothered I am, when I barely cared at all at the start here.

If Bethesda was treating PC modders as the they should, a huge resource of money for them and one of the reasons their game is as successful as it is, people wouldn't have nearly as much of a problem with this. But their adding insult to injury with this, and it adds up.

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