For My Barbour Boys

Quite the opposite. If you have the confidence to tell someone flat out that 'they're wrong' while also then judging then, consider howing up that 'pretentious and elitist' mirror to yourself. As I said elsewhere, it's not the quality of my statement, it's the idea that the info I was stating queries the suitability of buying and/or wearing this item. That it's not the universal or easily accessible item some people may think or want it to be. To pay several hundred dollars to do's worth mentioning. On top of the fact that several people in the comments section clearly have never touched let alone worn a wax jacket. The internet has given billions of people lots of surface level information - decontextualised, you could say. Sometimes it helps to get some good old offline experience - and cultural difference - to help the more 2D elements of online cultures like fashion inspos and subreddits. If you consider that elitist and pretentious then so be it, I can't change how you infer meaning and intention from strangers online, that's your call.

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