For those jelly about seb Lester, get over it.

This is why it's difficult to talk to you about anything.

I'm not active here enough to talk about anything.

You have the memory of a below-average pet rock, and can't even remember (nor, you know, “read”) what you wrote moments ago in your own discussion thread, much less what you deleted months ago—but instead of accepting that you could possibly have been mistaken today or at any point in the past, you resort to losing your temper and attacking me.

You brought this on yourself. This thread was about /u/ThenWhenceComethTheEvil and his pro calligraphy and how he talks down about others such as seb lester or whomsoever because of his own fucking ideals.

I don't accept your paltry explanation of why you delete your posts. You could have said the same answer without requiring the specific examples you demanded. But when you were presented with one, you opt to complain about my posts being “long”—because you made it that way by arguing with me.

You're talking abstract here. Specifics or don't bother.

The point that you're missing is that this thread says a whole lot more about you than it does about the person you've chosen to attack, or anyone else.

Sure as fuck it does, I thought I made it clear when I posted, are you stupid or something? I knew exactly what I was getting into.

Make sure to take plenty of screenshots, everyone; I promise you it'll be gone in a matter of hours.

By all means, also take note that /u/GardenOfWelcomeLies sounds like that iso dude who used to make long ass posts and decided to quit reddit and all but decided to return in another username. Nobody will know the whose who obviously.

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