for those of you men in the chat who were saying that the caller was lying about her psycho ex. just come out and admit that you are probably someone else’s psycho ex. men do crazy shit

My mother always said, “You see a persons true nature when you live with them.” Our relationship rapidly devolved, after within 5 months of living together. Prior to that I was living on Campus attending Tech College, and I planned on staying with him for just a month before moving into my new apartment. As I was moving out, his mother saw it as an opportunity to kick him out & he saddled up with me, until I took advantage of his blow up and let him break up with me and I said, you’re right we should break up. I didn’t want to get hurt or murdered. This was right after he suffocated me until I passed out. I grabbed a knife and told him would kill him if he touched me. He called me crazy and tried to apologize. I agreed and said I was crazy and then I was going to leave to a friends place. He said if I left he would leave me, I said leave me. He went to his Mother’s. I called his father. His father told me to lock him out, but he had a key. I went to work the next day and he was hiding in my apartment and tried to murder me. But thanks for asking how I’m doing. You must be just like him.

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