For those who love Mads Mikkelsen

This is it. You continually vomit boring dissection in some retarded iambic pentameter and line spacing and contextually misuse Latin debate terms and go on and fucking on. You have no special knowledge, no deeper insight into anything. Are you seven years old? The whole issue is that you do indeed persistently communicate, but without relating. Maybe you'd understand it in the Latin, relātus. Good Lord.

Be ready? Oh my God man what are you talking about? Do you breath air? (That's rhetorical). It's all a big joke, none of this means anything. And by what right?.... Holy fucking hell.... Idk, the right to say what I want? See you have that too, and I can likewise think what I want of it - but I'm only angry at how cancerous your candor is on this sub. Pure ejaculatory pseudo philosophical factoid gatekeeping. Nobody wants to hear your bullshit, you're unanimously downvoted almost always, that's what's obvious. It's a god damn game. And your boring, languirous obsession doesn't elevate it.

You have no idea what you're talking about. So many words. So much hot, embarassing wind. I'm not picking you apart. It's plain as fucking day what a cunt you are, a mile off. Use the rope... Incredible.

Keep going though, make the next one longer, or maybe insipidly cutting and short. Feel bad for me by assuming this is all my life is, like yours.

Just never stop. Keep on doing what is right. You've got this. You're gonna make it.

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