Upcoming MCU Slate

People were aware of what was going on, plus there wasn’t a new series every month, or a new movie every other month. The quality of the films have been getting worse, and there is no need for all these series. A vast majority of the film going public doesn’t care about anything of D+, and it actively seems to beginning to hamper the enjoyment of films. Everything was also new back then, and a work in progress, superhero films weren’t everywhere, and nobody thought marvel would work. It really didn’t become the MCU until after Winter Soldier and Guardians, and by then we were almost half way through. I think it’s actually worse they are rushing through so many characters and arch’s this quickly, it’s burning out the fans and it’s burning out a lot of material. I personally think they started the multiverse stuff way to early, and should’ve done secret wars / invasion first. They have F4 and Xmen which is good, but so much of this seems like filler, and the care needed to actually make these series good…is t really there like it should be. The quality has been getting worse and worse.

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