Forgotten Heroes. The Dharmi Faujis (soldiers of the faith). Sikh soldiers from the Indian Army, who left their jobs, losing pensions, money and rank in response to Operation Bluestar. Many were imprisoned. Whole Sikh regiments shot as they tried to get to Amritsar.

Okay. You are, at the very least a raging hypocrite.

1) I subscribe to this subreddit because I very much enjoy Sikhi, the Sri Guru Granth Sabh, and reading about the lives of the Gurus. Am I Sikh? No, I'm a Punjabi Brahmin.

I figure coming to this sub isn't unlike me going to a Gurdwara. With, the only exception being I probably wouldn't ever voice my anti-Khalistani opinions as vocally there.

But, yay for the anonymity of the intent

2) I never actually said anything at all disparaging about Sikhs or the Sikh religion. I was careful to specifically point my criticisms towards the khalistanis themselves. As I have stated before, I have zero "problem" with Sikhi or the Sikh way of life.

3) I really dont know what you mean by "Hindia." I abhor any religion in government. I abhor Hindutva. I believe in a truly secular society in which religion plays no roles outside of the confines of one's house.

Here is your hypocrisy: you hate Hindia as you put it. But, you most likely ardently support a state premised upon your religion. As ig the latter is somehow the better.

4) You conflate Sikhi with Khalistan. The two are most definitely separate. As stated, I admire the former and detest the latter.

5) my family has lived in the Punjab since men first inhabited that region. I have as much of a right to it as a Muslim or a Sikh. No more. No less.

What feelings would I naturally have towards a group of people who must tell me I must get out.

6) I feel like I'm rambling at this point, but please familiarize yourself with the Hindu perspective of what happened in Punjab during the militancy. It's not as if Bhindrewale and his lieutenants were our Robin Hoods. Quite the opposite. My family personally had land stolent from us (never returned), they threatened us with extortion, they would mail us letters demanding we depart our property and our houses (never complied with their demands), they pulled innocent men and women who has no affiliation with the Central or State goverments (not my family) off of buses and killed them.

7) Yes, the above happened with inmocent Sikhs by the government and, perhaps most horribly in Delhi...but, I would never ever defend that.

Delhi, more so than anythinf else...I could understand if thats why the Panth hated us. Maybe that would be justified.

But...what happened in Punjab? The khakistanis did that to us.

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